Let me introduce you to Sam! He is a cool and studious 10 year old. He is a lover of lions, vegan pizza and plants! He’s confident that he will become an herbalist and help children all over the world have a better understanding about what’s grows around them every single day!
He is passionate about the environment and helping people.
With a backpack filled with snacks, drawings, and information about all flora life, he’s on the move. Get to know and hang out with Sam this December. We get to explore Baltimore City and learn about how to use various herbs.


Meet The Author:

Angela Rahim is the mom of seven children (six boys and one girl). She was born and raised in Baltimore. As a master herbalist and aromatherapist Angela teaches students around the world. She teaches the Junior Herbalist Course, Herbalism For Teens, Herbalism For Women, Herbalism For Mental Health and more at Team Rahim Family Herbals. Angela loves to garden and studies horticulture. On her free time, Angela teaches yoga classes online and locally. She is the medicine woman, teacher, nurturer and community herbalist in her community.

Meet the illustrator:

Ameenah Samuel is a wife, mother, and digital artist. She co runs a faith and family based shop that provides diverse, unique and beautiful illustrations. She teaches beginners classes for women and children all over the world.



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