Herbalism For Survival (HFS) $60.00

Are you interested in learning about foraging, preparing for natural disasters, learning about gardening and first aid? This five-week course will get you ready to grow your own food, help you prepare the tools needed for natural disasters, and know which herbs to use for first aid right from your yard and kitchen! This class includes recipes and special bonus gifts that will help you on your journey to being more prepared. This course has teachers that have many skills and experience in their field of work.


Musa Hasan (Bread & Butter Farms)
Ameera Rahim (Horticulturist, Certified Master Herbalist & Certified Aromatherapist)
Paul Muhammad (Emergency Management, Search & Rescue Operations, Organizing Search & Rescue Teams, Establishing Emergency Operation Centers (EOC), Damage Assessment, CERT Training (Community Emergency Response Team)


This course is $60.00 and you can pay here: Herbalism For Survival Payment

Once payment is received you will be sent a link to our classroom and from there you will have access to the new lessons that open each week for 5 weeks. At the end of the 5 weeks, you will continue to have access to the content for the rest of the year.

You may have been wondering how you can begin farming, maybe you don’t have a lot of land, or maybe you do not have any at all! Do not let that stop you from growing your own food. In this course, we share how to do that, how to make your own herbal first aid kit, how to forage with safety tips, and how to prepare your home.





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