I am very excited to share information on my favorite herbs with you. Rightfully titled “Herbal Profile” I will share some of the special benefits from each plant that I will do a profile on. Not every profile will have the contraindications listed! I would like to encourage the reader to do further research to learn more about the herb’s benefits and contraindications.


Let’s get to know Stinging Nettle.


Common Name: Stinging Nettle

Botanical Name: Urtica dioica

Plant Family: Urticaceae

A perennial plant with a serrated margin

The image on the left is of my wonderful Urtica dioica (stinging nettle) plant and it is looking good! The Latin name is Urtica. Comes from the word uro/uere meaning “burn”/to burn
And yes she stings!! Have you ever been stung by a stinging nettle? The trichomes (little hairs on the plant) acts as a needle when in contact with skin…it releases histamine amongst other things that cause that not so great nettle pain. But there are remedies always around to ease that pain. It doesn’t last long for me but if it does bother me too much I put plantain (Plantago major or lanceolata) on the irritation. You can also use chickweed (Stellaria media), a great herb that helps with skin irritations.

The really interesting thing about nettle is that it has antihistamine properties as well, which is pretty cool!

This plant is quite medicinal once you get to it..it has vitamins A, C, D and B complex it has iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium to name a few.

It’s very nutritional and it is said to help people with arthritis, it has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens bones. This herb is said to nourish the kidneys and adrenals and helps those with allergies.

How can you use Urtica diocia? You can have this lovely plant as a tea! Even in food, once it is cooked, it tames its ability to sting you. I would definitely recommend growing it, for those who want to know which medicinal plants to grow in their garden, Nettle would be one to include. It is easy to grow from seed and take care of.

List of some possible benefits:

Nourish kidneys, helps with allergies, provides vitamins, strengthens bones, helps with IBS, noncancerous growth on the prostate, and helps with arthritis, good for women through each season of life, & more!


Have you ever used, Nettle?





As with any of the herbs mentioned on this site, you should talk to your doctor, and know that it is not a statement from the FDA. Anything mentioned on this site is for educational purposes, and sharing information. Readers are strongly suggested to read, research, and seek proper care.