Have you ever heard of Four Thieves Vinegar? If not, let me share with you the brief story behind this medicinal vinegar.

There were some thieves that were able to rob the houses of the people who died/were dying from the plague.

The question we all are asking is how were they able to do that? Well, they did not get sick, because of this remedy that they made (just so happens that one of the thieves was said to be an herbalist).

After being caught they were sent to trial and was able to be released in exchange for the recipe of this amazing tonic. Needless to say, the remedy has been shared and shared over time. There are variations of this remedy where people may add or take away from the ingredients. But overall it is one of my favorite remedies to have on hand.

The herbs in this vinegar are known for their antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. If you wanted to, you can also use this as a disinfectant. Many people like to clean with vinegar, so by infusing these herbs into it, it makes for an extra effective and nice cleaning agent to use.

Let’s discuss the benefits of each herb found in this vinegar:

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)– antifungal, antibacterial,  decongestant, chronic upper respiratory infections,  bacterial infections

Rosemary (Rosmarinus sp)-  antibacterial, improves immune function, helps the memory, good for the respiratory system, good for when a person has a cold or the flu

Sage (Salvia officinalis)- sore throat, good for the digestion system, antibacterial

Lavender (Lavandula sp)- antiviral, antifungal, calming, headache, good for the nervous system

Garlic (Allium sativum)-  Sore throat, Flu, Used to get rid of intestinal worms & parasites, antibacterial, helps with loosening chest congestion,  also antifungal

To make this vinegar, use 2 tablespoons of each herb and in the case of garlic 6 cloves. You will also need 4 cups of apple cider vinegar (like the one in the picture). In a glass, place each herb in it, then pour vinegar over the top of the herbs and then put a lid on it (recommended a plastic lid because sometimes vinegar can corrode a metal lid). Then store it in a cool dark area for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, you can strain the herbs out of the vinegar and discard them, keep your vinegar and put it in your refrigerator.  Take a TBS a day, diluted in water,

If you’re using fresh herbs, not a problem! Just make sure the vinegar covers the herbs


As with any of the herbs mentioned on this site, you should talk to your doctor, and know that it is not a statement from the FDA. Anything mentioned on this site is for educational purposes, and sharing information. Readers are strongly suggested to read, research, and seek proper care.