Herbalism For The Coronavirus Pandemic (HCP) $30.00

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Are you interested in learning about how to boost your immune system and know which herbs help in regards to viruses and respiratory related matters? In this current world wide pandemic, everyone is looking for help and solutions.

Join us for this webinar on April 3rd, 2020, as we discuss what is the Coronavirus, how to boost your immune system, and how to combat it in case you fall ill to it. This class is for educational purposes and we want students to take the necessary precautions recommended by health officials and always seek medical care in case of emergency. All registered students will receive a free PDF on Herbal First Aid and Remedies. This course is informative and provides registered students with a good understanding of how to use herbs effectively.

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Alexander Carberry- British born writer, thinker, Medical Herbalist and activist, raised in Guyana, South America, on the edge of the Amazon jungle – became Muslim over two decades ago. He brings sufic cosmology and the European philosophical and literary tradition together, with a strong emphasis on issues of health – physical, psychological, economic, social and spiritual – to bear on the human need for renewal and healing. He sees the human being as a unified whole, not as a fragmented creature.

His passion is understanding the pattern languages which underlay phenomena, thus he has spent a lifetime studying and decoding the patterns around him. His genius which derives from this lies in making the complex simple.

In medicine, he extends and clarifies the Greco-Arab tradition with a revolutionary fusion that draws upon the Chinese and Ayurvedic practices as well as modern industrial medicine. Alex seeks to treat the whole human being. Alexander Carberry’s Official Website

Ameera Rahim (Horticulturist, Certified Master Herbalist & Certified Aromatherapist) Ameera has trained under several Master Herbalist and resides in Georgia. She currently studies horticulture and runs her family herbal company called Team Rahim Family Herbals. Ameera is also a trained aromatherapist. She teaches students around the world and works with clients around the world. Ameera has taught at Ibn Sina Institute along side Hakim Atabek, whose chain goes back to Ibn Sina himself. She spends her time gardening and teaching at Rahim College Of Herbalism.


This course is $30.00 and you can pay here: Herbalism For Coronavirus Pandemic  and you can purchase here if the link does not work. Either method works.

Once payment is received you will be sent a link to our classroom when the course opens next Friday. From there you will have access to the lesson and download the free documents to help you in your quest to understand how to combat this very serious virus. 





As with any of the herbs mentioned on this site, you should talk to your doctor, and know that it is not a statement from the FDA. Anything mentioned on this site is for educational purposes, and sharing information. Readers are strongly suggested to read, research, and seek proper care.