About RCOH

RCOH Founding Story

Rahim College of Herbalism is based in Georgia and was developed to provide herbal education resources for the entire family. In 2015, Ameer Idris Rahm and Ameera Rahim founded Team Rahim Family Herbals, a family owned and operated business that crafts natural homemade herbal remedies. Ameer Idris passed away in 2016. The Rahim College of Herbalism was founded as Team Rahim Family Herbals’ sister company. It is also a special way for Ameera Rahim, and her six sons to live and grow the dream implanted by their late husband and father.


RCOH Founder Ameera Rahim

Ameera Rahim is the mom of seven blessings, a Certified herbalist, Certified aromatherapist, and the author of 3 books: Diary Of A Cloth Diaper Muslimah Mama: 30 Days Of Cloth Diapers, Traditional Muslimah Homemaker: Thoughts Of A Domestic Darling, and Journey Of A Muslimah Homemaker: Spirituality In Homemaking. Her natural love has always been education and children. She has spent much of her life working with children, and knew early on her life would be dedicated to teaching in some form. She resides outside of Atlanta, Georgia where she likes to work in her garden, can jam, visit farms, and blog at Traditional Muslimah Homemaker.


RCOH Mission and Vision

The Rahim College of Herbalism was founded to provide herbal based products and Herbalism education for every member in the family. Rahim College Of Herbalism is here to revive what is already embedded within all of us. That natural instinct that calls us back. Back to what our ancestors did, using time tested remedies.