Unlocking The Power ofThe People's Medicine.

Rahim College Of Herbalism is here to revive what is already embedded within all of us. Our natural instinct that calls us back to what our ancestors did, using time tested remedies. We bring our students back to their natural state of being.


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Herbalism For The Whole Family

Rahim College of Herbalism is based in Georgia, USA and was founded to provide herbal education resources for families. We have a diverse course catalog of instructor-led herbalism education, allowing you to become a student anywhere in the world.

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Unlocking The Power ofThe People's Medicine.

Coming directly from our Earth, plants have been evolving and changing with bacteria, unlike modern medicine.  Every meal presents opportunities to use the healing powers of herbs. All of our favorite “seasonings” (garlic, pepper, cinnamon) are herbs.

Herbalism For Women (HFW)

A 5 weeks course, taught by master Herbalist Ameera Rahim and Imam Kamau Ayubbi. Ameera covers how to make herbal remedies and which herbs can be used for a variety of ailments. ranging from menstruation to menopause and more.

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Herbalism For Men (HFM)

A 5-week course dedicated to Men's health. This course is open to men and women with a series of live and pre-recorded lessons that will cover multiple topics including: erectile dysfunction, heart disease, meditation, male physical health and more.

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Herbalism For Mental Health

A 4-week mental health course where Instructor Johari Fletcher covers topics ranging from depression to anxiety, while Ameera Rahim gives herbal and aromatherapy advice. This course includes a meditation with Imam Kamau Ayubbi.

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Herbalism For Children (HFC)

A four-week course for parents to learn about how to use herbs for children, including which herbs are gentle enough for children and how to make them. Covers Herbal Safety, Children Dosages, Children Dosages, Remedy Making.

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Honoring Our Ancestors, Healing Ourselves

The Rahim College of Herbalism was founded to provide Herbalism education and Herb-based products for every member in your family. Rahim College Of Herbalism is here to demystify herbs and make them accessible to everyone. Everything you need has been divinely placed on the Earth for you!